How to make oilskin fabric

Published: 31st March 2011
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Oilskin is a fabric made with oil to make it waterproof. Oilskin is used to make cloth watertight. Oil skin material is used to make things impermeable. It is a kind of fabric canvas that applied to fabric to make the cloth water proof. It is garments made of oilskin or of other waterproof materials. It includes sailors waterproof and wet-weather clothes coats.

It is the art of painting textiles with oily preparations to make them wet-proof. It is nearly old as textile manufacturing itself. It is prehistoric than the craft of the artistic painter in oils. Oilskin products still exist in a flourishing condition. The manufacturing process has remained unchanged for many years. It was a very perfect state from the beginning of the manufacturing process. However, there are some effects remain on the oilskin like weight, stiffness and liability of fold to stick together when wrapped up. The weight is an inevitable factor and oilskin must be heavy.

The base material of oilskin is Canvas because it is sturdy and the cotton fibers absorb oils which are rubbed into it. The oilskin can be made by rubbing pitch and tar onto canvas. Linseed oil was a common choice of oil for manufacturing oilskin. Repel spills absorb form the oilskin also used for table and floor cloths. There are some specific ways to make oilskin. The below are some best procedure for making oilskins.

At first, melt yellow soap in boiling water. For example, melt 1 ounce of yellow soap in 1.6 pints of boiling water. Then mix in 1 quart of boiled water. When the water becomes cold add .25 pint of gold size. At the second stage, take fine corded calico. Saturate calico in bullock’s blood and dry it. Then mix 2 or 3 coats of boiled oil with a little litharge. It can also mix with an ounce of gold size to every point of the oil. In step three, make paint ready to be applied with strong soap.

Then make 96 pounds of yellowish-brown to a thin paste with boiled water. And with it mix 16 pounds of black paint. Then apply the first coat of this with soap and next coats without soap. Melt rosin in hot boiled oil to make it thick. Add some chalk in the finest powder. Past the purest obtainable thin with boiled water.

At this stage, melt boiled oil with 1 pint beeswax and rosin with 2 ounces. Finally, dissolved soap in hot water. This way you make your own oilskin fabric.

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